What Is Application Marketing Strategy & How Can Earn Money By Application

Application Marketing strategy:-We all are aware of application Because  Application is a basic need for mobile without application mobile phones like a garbage and last year 2017 report says nearly 150 billion application downloads worldwide if we stay on the trajectory we’re on, then the statistic expert  predict that there will be over 350 billion mobile app downloads in 2021 and we all know that every day thousand of application register in app store(Apple user) play store(android user) but only a few of application became popular so why few of application popular nor all application ? there is a strategy I reveal it today there are 3 methods of application marketing strategy ; 

1.Download and Install



So firstly how to install more and more application on mobiles.  strategy and methods of download and installation:-

Affiliate marketing:-

affiliate marketing well known by commission marketing but if we talk about in application marketing so there are few changes in affiliate marketing like many of websites are working CPI(cost per installation) base there are few popular websites like Vcommission & commission junction are working in CPI(cost per installation) base these all are user and agent-based websites you can easily contact them & you set a bid per install base and only  after installed you paid money its a very effective way to install application in a less time.

Google Adwords:-

Google AdWords is work by CPC (cost per click) base Its a most trustable and high conversion platform because of Google Adwords focus on a potential customer who really needs your product and services. you can easily create an ad by Google Adwords there are many campaigns platforms but all campaign set according to different purposes so there is an option Universal campaign only for application marketing you can easily select the option and set your bid according to your price and choose google platform which platform you want to show your ads it’s a very effective way to get fast installation on your application and you can easily handle this campaign & Application marketing strategy  most important Is Google Adwords.


Facebook is one of the no 1 social media platforms in worldwide because they have 2 billion monthly active users in worldwide. can you believe  2 billion every month? that is the only reason Facebook is number one but many various ways also like Brand awareness, lead generation, Conversion and it is also effective in application marketing strategy because you can easily choose users age group, Intrest, and  particular place also Facebook is mostly famous in younger generation but also middle age people use facebook and you can reach millions of people  in few second by facebook and you can get easy installation also.

App referral:-

Customer Referral Software to Boost App Growth. Acquire valuable users with a fully automated app referral program. Generate referrals across the web, iOS, and Android. … Set up rules to reward users for referring friends means any others application give referral about your application but remember one thing its only good for gaming sector  because why people install any other application wheater they don’t like because they are not a potential and interested user but in the gaming sector you can give a referral because suppose if you are playing a car game so if you see a car game so chances will be high to install an app so that is the reason I prefer this method only for gaming sector.

Image app Icon:-

Image app icon means nowadays MEMES are in trending on all social media platforms when you scroll any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram etc so you see thousand of MEMES there so in branding purposes Image app icon is very effective.


Champcash is an Android Application Through which Anyone Can Earn by Just Installing Some Apps in Mobile.Just ReferChampcash to Your Friends and Ask them to Complete the Challenge By installing 8-10 Apps on their Android phone, You will Get its payment instantly in Soft Mode. it’s also a very effective way to install an application but remember one thing those people installed the application by champcash they are no longer use their only motive to earn money after some time they uninstalled the application.

Well known blogger and celebrities:-

it’s also a part of marketing nowadays most of the popular YouTubers are in trending they also promoting the brand, product but it’s too costly and noneffective way.

Forcefully marketing:-

Redirect Mobile user of website visitors forcefully into App Store or play store of applications – chances are very high and cost for installation is very low, But you need a good developer to redirect the user but it’s possible when you are in a big brand and you have more traffic on your site.


Application marketing strategy also included Engagement because it is also a big part of any business because user installed your application but it’s not sure how much time they stay with you because installing and uninstall is an easy process so how can you build more user and how can you engage with your user.

A) push notification

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users don’t have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.


Weekly or Set of periods Offer Notifications

> Festival offer notifications

> Hyper local notifications of objective

> Product is waiting for notifications

Extra Credit offer
> Premium level notifications

B) sound notification

Good for Gaming apps

Music app

Health and Reminder

3. Reviews

review is an evaluation of a publication, service, or company it’s a checking process how user feel about your application Reviews is a big part of any business product or service and how Can you take reviews:-

Premium service or level unlocked for 5 star

Cashback for 5 star

Free Credits for 5 star

On Exit Rate and Review

Rate Us

How can you negative comment:-

When you follow application marketing strategy so Remember Negative comments are dangerous for any business and product because its a bed effect for the new user :

For Negative Rating Resolution :

1. Ask for what happened wrong

2. Give some more credit or offer to change their rating

3. UI interactive

The function should be accurate as per user need

How can you earn money?

it’s a most important question why we invest our money and time on an application if we don’t get anything because we provide a service to the user so we want also money so this are methods to earn money:-

Earning ways of application

Audience data selling
Google Ads
Third application sell or click
Creditor services
Paid apps

and if you also want to know about mobile marketing so open it.







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