What Is Bounce Rate & How Can You Improve It

Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who come to your site and leave without viewing and opening other pages on your website & one important thing scrolling is not a part of bounce rate and how can you check your bounce rate? so you can check your bounce rate on google analytics easily and if you’re average bounce rate like 60% or less then 60%  so that’s mean your website below average and if your bounce rate up to 60% so that’s mean you have to work on it.

people are coming to your website and either finding what they want but they don’t find what they want to find at all so they close your website without opening any webpage its one of a reason of bounce rate and high bounce rate is dangerous for your website.

Bounce rate scenarios

1.click the back button

2.closes the browser

3.type any new URL

4.does anything

Google Analytics Benchmark Averages For Bounce Rate 

Content websites     40 to 50% 

Lead generation              30 to 50 %

Blogs                                 70 to 80%

Retail sites                       20 to 40%

Service sites                     10 to 30%

Landing pages                70 to 85 %

what is exit page

Exit Rate is calculated when visitor view more that one page of a website and then he left like when visitor comes to your website and after that, he opened a page and then he exits the page so that’s called exit page.


When you sign into your google analytics profile with your website, so you are greeted with average bounce rate and one thing if you will open your google analytics so firstly you will see the whole website bounce rate  and second if you scroll down so there are  per pages bounce rate like this

bounce rate
pages bounce rate

and look it Bounce rate formula

No of users bounces back*100

total no of user


How Can You Improve

it is the big task but don’t be panic be cool & try to some implement on your website like

  • Attractive layout:-always try to choose the best layout on your website according to your product and content.
  • Half information:-don’t do this mistake always try to give full information about product and services
  • attractive images:-use attractive images on your site

pop-up:- I hope most of are using the pop-up plugin you know when you enter a website and suddenly a pop-up will have come so most of the time is really irritating so try to use optin chat tool and try to change your pop-up like this Thought of the day and any other thing.

  • website load:-its most important if your website, not mobile friendly and desktop friendly so it doesn’t matter how great content have you written on your website try to put low size(kb.mb) images and if your image quality is high so use the image compressor to reduce image size and try google webmaster tool because if  any kind of error in your website so google webmaster show and you solve it any kind of issue easily.

so this all are a basic method to improve it and now I’ll tell you some other methods:-

            Attract the right visitors

  • choose the right keyword your content and product-related like if your website is technology related so don’t put entertainment keyword because focus always potential visitors not just to attract the most number of visitors and wrong keyword attract wrong visitors and if wrong visitors come in your website so suddenly he clicked back button  and your bounce rate has gone one step up again.
  • a meta description is more important value in a website and try to write unique meta descriptions and give focus knowledge
  • Add links to more pages within your website on your content:-always try to put internal link but according to the content
    • Think about other pages that people interested in that piece of content will want to see, and link to them throughout the content.

if you want to know how to take backlink so open and read it backlink & seo.









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