What Is CTR (click through rate) And Why Does Click-through-rate matter

CTR(click through rate) is simply the percentage of clicks divided by the number of impressions.it works in many parts but is most popular in online advertising for example if 1000 saw your Ads, and only 30 people clicked in your Ads, that would be a CTR (click through rate) of 0.3 or more commonly 2%.

“(Total click/(total impressions)=Click through rate”




Why Does Click -Through -Matter?

it is not just only Google Ad-words uses click-through rate as a metric, much another advertising platform also uses CTR.

It’s used anywhere and at any time that marketers can use data-driven decision making, and it’s especially useful if you’re paying for impressions and clicks (such as in PPC).

Click through rate is important to your account because of it directly affects your Quality Score.

Google and other search marketing platform offer pricing discount for ads that offer high relevance make searchers and users happy one is the main fact of doing this is to offer high-quality score to ads with high Adwords-click through rate.

  • High Click through rates leads to generate high-quality scores
  • High-Quality scores allow you to improve and maintain low costs for ad post


How To Optimize Your Click-Through-Rate

CTR is usually associated with an action leading up to a conversion but should be not be mistaken with conversion rate.

The well-written description that includes relevant keywords will attract users and make them click through to your page, thus CTR will grow and it’ll positively affect behavior factors of your website.

As you may already know, Google increased the length of the snippets in the search results. We run a research to find out how long the new snippets are and whether to change the length of descriptions. We took 10 000 HV eCommerce keywords from our US database and analyzed their top-100 search results. Thus, we got 1 000 000 snippets to analyze. The average length of new, longer snippets is 295 characters. The vast majority of new snippets count between 270 and 320 characters.

1.Include relevant LSI keywords both to description and body text. If Google considers that your description is not relevant to a user’s query, it will form a snippet based on your body text. Google highlights in bold not only the keywords you’ve typed to the search bar, but also the LSI keywords within this niche.

2. Start your descriptions with verbs, such descriptions motivate the searcher to click through.





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