What Is Lead Generation And How Can Generate More Lead?

Lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. In simple words, it’s reaching to people & creating a list of prospective customers &Lead management is a set of methodologies, systems, and practices designed to generate new potential business clientele generally operated through a variety of marketing campaigns or programs.

Lead generation services can be of two types: B2B lead generation and B2C lead generation.

B2B lead generation satisfies to business enterprises and corporations whereas B2C lead generation caters to individual consumers.

In simple terms, when any business is availing the services from another business then it is offering B2B lead generation services.

Lead generation divided into 2 parts:-

Lead generation can be divided into 2 main classes: Inbound Lead Gen and Outbound Lead Gen.

  • Inbound lead gen is all about being “found by prospects” while outbound lead gen focuses on “hunting prospects.”
  • Inbound lead gen involves website promotion, SEO, blogging, social media marketing, etc. Whereas outbound lead gen involves direct mail, Ads – online/print, email, and tele-calling.
  • Inbound lead gen is a long-term strategy while outbound campaigns are more focused and can be considered a short-term strategy though most companies prefer to do in on a continuous basis so as to allow their tele-calling teams to nurture leads that are not ready, develop a business relationship with prospects and be able to convert them into qualified leads when they become ready.

Diffrence between conversion and leads generation:-

Many people confuse about conversion and lead generation they think both are same but I’ll tell you the exact difference:-

In simple terms, a lead is a pre-pre-sale; Conversion is a sale. A lead who fits your definition of target audience & in the market is a qualified lead. A lead which has shown interest and can be converted within SLA is a Hot lead; A lead that can be converted but might not be in SLA is a warm lead; A lead which can be converted but not now (for various reasons like budget, timelines, service requirements etc.) is a lead that is gone cold.


in simple form 

A lead is a potential client say Mr.A that you get from your marketing sources or a direct walk-in or a website walk-in individual for whom you have all the baseline data of demographics and contact details.

A conversion is how you market the product well with Mr.A and convert him as your loyal client and sometimes even a lifelong customer of your product.

For Ex, I am walking in Walmart to kill my time but I buy my household stuff and groceries and register myself for the cash back card. I was a leader when entered and became a conversion on my exit.

The best companies always play well with their leads and keep communicating with their conversions every now and then.

Lead generation for business and how to generate more leads for business:-

Lead Generation for Business

  1. Attractive Layout ( References Themeforest or Lead Generation Templates )
  2. Necessary Pages > disclaimer, Terms, and Conditions, Career, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Service Page, About, Testimonial, Team, Franchise( Optional ).
  3. Potential Keywords List ( Keyword Planner & Keyword Explorer )
  4. Use of all potential keywords in Service Page
  5. SEO ( On page and Off page ) – ( 2 months before opening any business ) –
  6. Google My Business ( 20 days ) 
  7. Local listing Sites ( Justdial, Sulekha, sikhsha )
  8. Facebook SMM ( Lead Generation & Brand Awareness ) – 25% CPL – 30 to 50Rs
  9. SEM ( starting from the first day  of business ) – 50%

 how can spend money to generate more leads:-

You have money and how you spend money to all platforms:-


Search Ad ( 30% )

        Display Ad ( 10%

        Display Remarketing ( 5% )

        Video Marketing ( 5% )

50% money you will spend search engine platforms because it always generates potential lead

Social media:-

Use 25% in social media platforms like facebook, instagram,etc mainly focus on facebook .

9 . Email Marketing ( 10% )

       Buy Data or Customers Email List from > Monster, Shine, Naukri, Timesjob, Justdial ( Vendor ), Third party Companies Email Marketing in Delhi

Note: Ask for Accuracy , Theme based audience , 

Tools > Aweber, Constant Contract 

  1. SMS Marketing ( 5% )

   Buy Data or Customers Email List from > Monster, Shine, Naukri, Timesjob, Justdial ( Vendor ), Third party Companies SMS Marketing in Delhi

Tools > SMS Achairya, digi infotech, ( 8p to 20p ) Marketing sms cost 

  1. Affiliate Marketing  ( 10% )

As a advertiser sign up in vcommssion, Lead Generation CPL ( 100 )

Different ip, different device, number verified , email verified , user should be related over the call

  1. Live Chat ( Zopim ) for live chatting with visitors and Drip tool for automation
  1. CRM Tools ZOHO, Knowlarity, SalesForce, LeadSquared etc.
  2. Success Message after Call Like thank you for calling XYZ
  3. Pop Up ( Form )






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