What Is Mobile Marketing And Strategy Of Marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the Most Important part of Digital Marketing & it’s a multi-channel, digital marketing strategy aimed at a potential customer on their smartphone, &tablets via the internet and nowadays you engage the most customer by the internet and you will reach millions of people in just a few seconds.80% internet users own a mobile and billions of people using the internet and even if I talk about India so January 2018 report says India is a second largest internet users country with 500 million users Urban and rural both areas.


                                         Strategy of mobile marketing

                                              Email Marketing

 65% all email firstly opened on a mobile device & email marketing is a one of most effective method of marketing because it’s so cheap but more effective way to engage  users and take conversion and most important thing don’t forget about landing pages because if your email is a mobile friendly but click through goes on landing pages that aren’t optimized for mobile  so users really become frustrated and exit from the page so always try to make a unique landing page for an email campaign  because it’s a great way to optimize for the mobile user 

1. always try to make a simple and user-friendly layout

2.make sure your images should be re-sizeable for different devices

3.email marketing best as known as CTA(call to action) to make a content CTA type.

                                                      SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing (short message service marketing) is a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to peoples.we all every day receive lots of messages on our mobile some of our networks company message but some of the unknown messages, promotional message etc.SMS marketing is  one of the cheap marketing parts of mobile marketing because generally, we take  easily 20p/ per message but if you take bulk of messages so it’s cost very low like 10p/per message   and  one of  the effective ways to target potential customer and most important very low investment but big profit method and text message are an ideal way to notifying people within vicinity of any immediate offers without having push notification and report says most  of the people, not open email but if we talk about SMS so everyone atleast open every message & infact for at least  60% of cunsumers, SMS marketing  is preferred to other email marketing and push.

How can you take a number to send an SMS?

there are 2 ways to get a number firstly you will try to get a number different platforms like social media platforms and google ads by filling a form etc. but it’s a long-term process and give a short time result  so you have the second option  you purchase number in bulk  and if you purchase in bulk of number so its cost so cheap  you can easily manage.

The strategy of SMS Marketing

An important factor to remember for SMS campaign Always tries to send an SMS to clarify message in short character don’t send long messages easily people can read like one example One text could read “FLASH SALE” Just for you 25% off your purchase before 5 PM. Another could read As a thank you for being a loyal customer of [brand] we will take 15% off your next purchase. 




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