How To Rank YouTube Videos In 2018 & How To Optimize Video?

       Rank youtube videos is one of the major tasks of all YouTubers .nowadays youtube craze is  seven skies everyone upload a video on youtube but only some of the people will be successful so basically two type of people came on youtube those who want to stay a long time and second is those who want to stay a short period of time some of making an own content and someone copy other content so I will just share something about YouTube so basically YouTube is working in two formats Audio & Visual & Less than 15 sec of audio or visual are allowed by youtube and if you thinking about copy anyone’s video like song,trailor, etc so don’t do all this because youtube catch  you and after that they panalized your video on youtube and if your continusely 3 videos panalized v so youtube blocked your channel as well as.

How youtube catch your videos?

so youtube working in two formats now, & 2.visual so if your audio and visual will be same in continuously 15 seconds to any other video so YouTube detects copy content and penalize your video.

so dnt try this method

so let’s come on Youtube Ranking topic


#youtube keyword Research

The Youtube ranking process begins with Keyword research

so let me tell you exactly how to find the right keywords for youtube videos:-

one of my favorite strategies what I use generally its called youtube suggest feature

because Youtube will hand you bunch of keywords related to what you typed in

This suggested keyword is great


because this terms people generally type into youtube so You will get idea what people search on youtube and what they really want to watch.


like this

strategy keyword
keyword search youtube suggest feature

this is the best way to do keyword research 

& second is you will use one of the best tool ( it’s a free and paid version both are you will search trending words, most using keyword etc and second free tool is google keyword tool 

and remember one thing if you ‘ll choose a keyword so always choose high traffic but low competition keyword you know why because if you starting something new so that time your only one motive to generate traffic and build more audience so if you choose high competition keyword so your video gonna get  buried in the search engine result because that time you haven’t any subscriber & you can’t able to fight and compete to big players.

#Publish a High Retention video

Here’s the Truth

If you really want to rank your youtube video & you want people to keep watching your videos, so your videos must be of good quality, its called audience Retention.

and you know youtube says “audience retention is a huge Ranking factor”

in a simple word 

if your video people keep watching on youtube So automatically YouTube Will rank your video Higher in search result.

(after all, youtube want people more than more to stay on the platform so more they watch and click ads and if you help them with the goal so by default youtube promote your videos)

So the Main question is how to engage people?

(high retention) you heard right

here are simply some steps that work great .its really work me & I learned this step very hard way.

Video comment

If someone watches your video and leave a comment it sends a strong message to youtube that user probably enjoys the video.

So make sure try to engage your viewers to comment to your video and if someone comment so always tries to get a reply.

“Subscribe ” after watching video

if someone subscribes to your channel after watching your video that send an amazing message that you have made an amazing video.

The best way to get subscriber

Ask people to subscribe your channel because after subscribe you make a daily and potential viewers.

Video shares

its one of the best method .how many people share your video on social media sites because nobody shares crappy videos right? so when someone sharing your post on social media sites so YouTube sees viewers like and enjoy your video  so YouTube think this must be an awesome content so they’ll give you boost ranking

Click through Rate

when someone searches for your keyword on youtube so which result users click on? your video or other guy’s video?

you know youtube pays very close attention to viewers behavior the percentage of people click on your result as know is click-through rate and obviously high CTR is always better.

How CTR is increasing?

YouTube notices each and every action and behavior about viewers.and Youtube notices that lots of people click your result so they give you boost ranking

how to attract viewers to your video?

Use creative thumbnail don’t use by default thumbnail always try to use colorful and text thumbnail in your video because most of the users see the only thumbnail because thumbnail get the best idea to which particular topic video is that.

How to optimize your video?

how to create a video?

choose a tool to make an awesome and attracted video

1.Adobe premier pro cut pro


4.Adobe spark

they are the free tool to make an attracted and edited video.

Your keyword should appear in the audio of 10 sec and last 10 sec.


when you make a video so please save your video on desktop/mobile in keyword name.


and keyword also should appear in the title with  CTA(click through action) words.


your keyword should appear in your description always try to write 50 to 100 words inn dicription


in description put your previous video link.

if you are confused about your keywords so try to use ( to generate tags for video and use as maximum as you can.

and if you want to earn money by youtube so there’s one method Google Adsense.

how to take Google Adsense approval on your videos?

YouTube policy says only those person available on Google Adsense who has completed 4000 hours time after that they accept your approval .

and if you want to know about backlink and bounce rate so read this blog..!















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