What Is Viral Marketing And How Does It Work?

“Viral marketing is the process of implementing means or tools through which the knowledge of your existence self-propagates.”

-Michel Fortin

The name Viral Marketing was probably first used by venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson in 1997 while describing Hotmail’s (He was the venture capitalist behind Hotmail, before it was sold to MSN) email practice of attaching their own advertisements with outgoing mail from their users. Noted media critic Douglas Rushoff wrote about Viral marketing in his book Media Virus (1994); and that was probably the first article on this technique of marketing. In this book he wrote that Viral Marketing works. Even if we presume that many people who receive your free gifts will not share with others, still there will be 80% others who will share, and go ahead to pass them down to friends and acquaintances. He has written, that this network continues to seven or eight levels before the campaign fades

Viral marketing is the newer marketing technique that encourages recipients to pass on information and so – like a virus, the message spreads.

Viral marketing involves creating e-mails, videos, podcasts, photos or slideshows, which you then share with your friends, and add to social media sharing sites such as YouTube and Facebook. For viral marketing to be successful, you need to encourage the receiver to send your message on to their friends or colleagues. This means that the message or information needs to be:

The reason for viral marketing:-

The reason viral marketing has become successful is due to ease of use. Once the message has been created, it can be passed from one person to another simply by someone hitting the ‘FORWARD’ button. Distribution of the message is free and can capture a worldwide audience within hours.

The successful viral marketing campaign includes:

  • Free software such as Hotmail dot com which provides free email accounts that include advertising messages in the emails. Every time a user sends a mail, they ‘re spreading a word for Hotmail.
  • Social media websites such as Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn that encourage you to get your friends and colleagues to join.

How does it work?

If you want to do viral marketing so choose a niche topic like:-

Listicles ( Buzzfeed )

How-to ( Wiki How )



Beginner Guide

Ultimate Guide

FAQ ( Quora )


Personal Stories

Charity and Crowdfunding ( KickStarter, GoFundMe )

People Featuers

Product Reviews

Sourced News

GIFs and Memes


Virtual Reality

IOT ( internet of things )

Troubleshooting Guides


Advice ( Lifehacker )

Productivity Tips



Funny Stories

Upcoming Events

Tech Support

write something on this topic because of its high chance to take Viral marketing less time And less effort.

Here are some really good tips you can use in order to help make your contents viral:

  • Score guest posts in already established and high-authority websites. Established sites have 19.5 times when it comes to chances of turning contents viral because they already have a large pool of readers that you can tap into. This is also a good way of building your own website’s authority through traffic referrals.
  • Turn up your Facebook engagement. Facebook is currently the leading social media platform on the planet making up more than 83% of it followed by IG. Producing contents and hiking your Facebook engagement can help you turn up more content consumers that can add to your content virality.
  • The longer the content, the higher the chance of going viral. Word count is part of the ever-changing algorithm of Google when it comes to analyzing contents and how much traffic or what ranking your content is going to be. Coupled with the right SEO practices and keyword research, you will have a higher chance of reaching Google’s first page and gain more traffic.
  • The number of shares and likes to your content does not necessarily mean the number of page views or actual traffic. According to a research
    The number of shares of your content does equal the same number of backlinks and traffic to your site. One example is a viral content that reached over 7 million likes and shares on different social media channels, but the backlink it received is only over 8 thousand. Still, this figure will still help you build more authority, and over the long run, you will gain the desired amount of page views and backlinks.
  • Write about expert roundups and get the statements or views of different influencers in your niche in order to receive more referral traffic. A mention of these people will send several readers your way that you can turn into loyal subscribers as well and it also generates more leads.







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